I'm not Military, can I still attend a Bad Moon Shooting Class?

published 6 years ago


Civilian personal wanting to attend a Bad Moon Shooting Class can be signed onto Beale Air Force Base by the instructor staff.  (Provided that the base is not under an increased security alert/measure.  During increased security measures, classes will most likely be postponed).  Please let us know before class, so we can make arrangements.

Expect to meet one of the instructors at the Visitor Entry Control at the gate prior to the class.  Bring a current ID Card that meets the requirements of the REAL ID Act of 2005 (Google REAL ID for more information, California Drivers license is currently accepted).  The Base Security Forces (Police) will scan your ID and perform a quick background check.  This normally takes less than 5 minutes.

If driving, bring your current registration and proof of insurance.

Concealed Carry Permits are NOT recognized on Beale Air Force Base.  Off-Duty Law Enforcement Officers, may not carry on base.  All firearms must be transported unloaded in a locked case.

Ammo must be transported separately (not in same case).  If possible, place the gun in a locked case in the trunk, and the ammo in the car.  Weapons may not be transported on any two or three wheel vehicles (Motorcycles, bicycles, etc).

Once base access is granted, you may only transport your firearms from the entry control point (gate) to the Beale Rod and Gun Club.  Once finished, you must immediately leave with the weapon.  You are not allowed to run over to the local Burger King and get a cold soda or burger for the trip home.  If you are needing to do so, please consult with your instructor to arrange for safe storage of the firearms while on Beale.

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Steve Carney
Retired MSgt, United States Air Force USAF, Owner and Lead Instructor of Bad Moon Shooting.