What is included in a Bad Moon CCW Class

updated 5 months ago

California introduced Senate Bill 2 (effective 1 Jan 2024) that changed the state law on concealed carry. The new law requires a minimum of 16 hours of initial training and 8 hours for renewals. The new law requires training on Firearm Safety, Firearm Handling, Shooting Techniques, Safe Storage, Legal Methods to Transport Firearms, Securing Firearms in Vehicles, Where Permit Holders may Carry Firearms, Permissible use of a Firearm, Permissible of Lethal Force in Self-Defense, Mental Health, and Mental Health Resources. Additionally, a written examination is required by state law to comprehend your level of understanding, along with a live-fire shooting exercise for each firearm to be listed on your permit. The course of fire is determined by your Permit Issuing Authority (Most of the time, your County Sheriff).

Our class size, allows a more personally almost informal instruction. Almost feeling as one on one. Most classes do not exceed 5 students, with a max class size of 12. On the range, we have at least One Firearm Instructor or Range Safety Officer for every Six Students. Range fees and lunch are NOT included in the price of the course.

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