What is included in a Bad Moon CCW Class

published 6 years ago

California law requires a minimum number of hours for the initial class and even less for the renewal class.  It is mandated that it will cover permissible use and safe storage.

When building my class structure, I took inputs from the Sheriff's Offices of Nevada, Placer, Sutter and Yuba Counties and built a course to exceed their expectations.  You could go online and watch a Youtube video that covers the basic requirements of permissible use and safe storage or come to one of our classes and get personalized hands on training that will prepare you for the world of Concealed Carry.  Our students learn everything from how to install trigger locks, different types of holsters, drawing from a holster, clearing a weapon malfunction, how to select proper CCW ammunition to permissible use and safe storage.  Our course is constantly changing, updating as new information and ways of doing things are done, along with the ever changing laws.  I also allow a previous student to come and audit (attend, but will not receive a certificate of training) a class, just to stay current.  The only fees, they are charged is any range time and targets that they use.  The class room instruction is free.

Part of your fees, pay for the exclusive use of the Beale Air Force Rod and Gun Club range, not meeting in some farmers field.  Our class size, allows a more personally almost informal instruction.  Almost feeling as one on one.  Most classes do not exceed 5 students.

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Steve Carney
Retired MSgt, United States Air Force USAF, Owner and Lead Instructor of Bad Moon Shooting.