Retired Law Enforcement Qualification Shoot (LEOSA/HR218)

Course Overview

Under the US Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act, Retired Law Enforcement Officers (with proper ID) may carry concealed weapons. This applies to Federal, State, County and City Law Enforcement officers. It also applies to members of the Armed Forces that had powers of arrest for at least 10 years, and have applied for and received their Retired LEOSA card.

There is an annual range qualification that is required.

We have California Post Certified Range Masters (Law Enforcement Firearm Instructors) that are able to conduct your required annual certification qualification. Your agency that you retired from may mandate a specific retiree course of fire, and certification. If this is the case, please obtain your course of fire and certification, and we can sign off your annual certificate. If your agency does not have a mandatory course of fire. We have several for you to choose from; FBI qualification, Federal Air Marshall Qualification, LAPD retiree course of fire, Sutter County Sheriff’s Office Retiree course of fire, Sacramento District Attorney’s Office retiree course of fire, Nevada Sheriff’s and Chiefs’ Association Firearm Safety Course, just to name a few. Along with the many courses of fire, we will issue you two certificates, that comply with the standards defined by the LEOSA act, one 8”x10” for your records, and one business card size, that you may carry with your retirement credentials.


Please contact Steve for more information, or to arrange a date and time to meet for your qualification.
530-988-8772 (voice or txt).