Initial Concealed Carry - Sacramento and Yolo Counties Only

Course Overview

This Sixteen hour Course meets the minimum requirements to obtain a CCW for Sacramento and Yolo Counties. This class is only taught twice a year (April/May time frame and October/November time frame).

Students should complete the Phase One of the Sheriff's CCW Process. See the Sheriff's website for Sacramento or Yolo County for more detail.

City of Davis: CCW License Application: If you live within a jurisdiction of a City of Davis police department, you may apply to the city police department or county sheriff’s office for a CCW license. However, only residents of a city may apply to a city’s police department for a CCW license. With this class, you should apply to the Yolo County Sheriff's Office.

Failure to cancel/withdraw from class at least 72 hours in advance, will result in forfeiture of your deposit. If full payment was paid initially, the deposit amount ($50) would be forfeited. Exceptions granted due to work or illness.

There is a Minimum class size of three (3) students for this class, Maximum of six (6) student.
Failure to meet the minimum class by the Wednesday before class will result in cancelling the class.

Day one (8 hours) is comprised of the Bad Moon Shooting regular 8 hour course for Placer, Nevada, Sutter and Yuba Counties. You do not have to register for the 8 hour initial training class for Placer, Nevada, Sutter and Yuba Counties. Yolo County Students will qualify on Day one. Sacramento County Students will qualify on Day two. Lunch is also provided on Day one (Steak Sandwich and a Side). Day two is comprised of an advanced 4 hour shooting course, developed by Mr. Rob Pincus, Personal Defense Network and is mostly on the range and we wrap up with at least 1 hour for range qualification, Yolo may shoot the qualification course on day one, with the regular CCW class. After the we break for lunch, we will continue the day with some firearm simulator training. This training will be both Marksman ship based, and Scenario based (Shoot/No-Shoot) training. We will exceed the minimum 16 of hours.

You will need a pistol, at least two magazines, 300 rounds, plus 100 rounds per pistol that you are qualifying on, a holster, ear and eye protection. Range fees are included in the class. Lunch is provided on day one.

Sacramento Course of Fire: You will need 100 rounds for EACH pistol you are qualifying on.

			  Stage 1............15 yards.......6 rounds in 30 seconds

				Stage 2.............7 yards.......14 rounds in 45 seconds
												  (includes 2 reloads)
								  6 rnds standing
								  8 rnds kneeling

				Stage 3.............7 yards.......6 rnds in 10 seconds

				Stage 4.............7 yards.......12 rnds in 25 seconds
												  (includes reload)
								  6 rnds strong hand only
								  6 rnds weak hand only

				Stage 5.............5 yards.......6 rnds
												  3 rnds in 4 seconds
								  done twice

				Stage 6.............3 yards.......6 rnds
												  3 rnds in 3 seconds
				The above will be done twice

			The above course of fire will be shot TWICE for a total of 100 rnds.
			The first 50 rnds are practice, the second 50 rnds are for scoreing
			A standard B27 target is used, with a minimum of 80 out of a 100 in the 7 ring or better.
			Head shots count as zero, late shots count as zero.
			Starting position is from the low ready, drawing is NOT required.
			Accommodations can be made for a restrictive capacity pistols and for ADA compliance.
Yolo County Course of Fire:
			You will need 30 rounds for Each pistol you are qualifying on
				Distance(Yards)			Rounds
						1.5                   5
						3                     5
						5                    10
						7                     5
						10                    5
			The target is 12" x 16", and passing is 80% (24 out of 30).
			No time limit.

Once you enroll, a "weapon questionare" will be sent out to you, and then a reminder email is sent out the Wendesday before class with more information


16 hours.
Beale AFB Rod & Gun Club
4950 Bldg Street
Beale AFB, CA 95903

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