Skill Builder: Shotgun - 1

Course Overview

Learn what a home defense shotgun is, and how to use it. Student will learn how to dynmically shoot and reload a shotgun while accomplishing various shooting drills. Student will learn the difference between shot, buck and slug, how range effects the spread the pellets, how to dynamically transistion from buckshot to slug.


3 hours
Beale Rod & Gun Club
4950 D Street
Beale AFB, CA 95903
Requirements: 12ga or 20ga Pump or Semi-Auto Shotgun. Single shot, and double barrel shotguns (over/under and side-by-side) not recommended -No pistol grip only shotguns. Pistol grip and buttstock is ok. 50 rounds of 7 1/2 or 8 "bird or Target" Lead Shot 5 rounds of slugs 5 rounds of 00 buck shot Eye and Ear (ear plugs are suggested) protection Shotguns are available for rent from the instructor or the Rod & Gun Club. For recoil sensitive, a "PAST RECOIL SHIELD" is recommended (available from Amazon and Midwayusa)

There are no upcoming dates for this course.