Use of Force Simulator - 2

Course Overview

Use of Force Simulator, from iMarksman. Has over 120 different scenarios. The student responds to the video stimuli presented, and determines if force (shoot) is required. The program branches, based up the input from the student. Example: Bad guy points gun at student. Student shoots Bad guy. Bad guy falls, end of scenario. If student didn't shoot Bad guy, Bad guy shoots student, end of scenario. Not all scenarios are shoot situations, just like in real life. After each scenario, the instructor and student discuss if the use of force was justified.

The student can use a SIRT Training Pistol (Glock 17) or a revolver, loaded with laser training cartridges. Both "weapons" are available for the student.

This is an indoor event, with provided laser training firearms. No eye or ear protection is required. Student does NOT need to bring pistol and ammo.


2 hours
Beale Rod & Gun Club
4950 D Street
Beale AFB, CA 95901
Class is setup as a two hour event, for eight students. Two classes are available, both are the same "classes" are the same. This is for class 2. If student signs up for both classes, we will attempt to ensure the student does not repeat the same scenarios. Several scenarios start the same, but may differ with the suspect pulling a weapon or not pu

There are no upcoming dates for this course.