Stephanie Klaus

Owner and Lead Instructor

Stephanie's journey into the world of firearms began in her childhood years, where she was introduced to the safe and responsible handling of firearms. Raised in an environment that emphasized both safety and respect for firearms, Stephanie developed a keen understanding of their proper use from an early age. Her foundational knowledge and experience were further honed when she took on the role of teaching at a Boy Scout summer camp, where she had the opportunity to impart essential skills to young learners in a structured and supportive setting. For the past two years, she has embraced the opportunity to further diversify her instructional experience by serving as a substitute teacher in various classroom settings. This invaluable experience has allowed Stephanie to engage with students from diverse backgrounds, honing her ability to adapt her teaching style to meet the unique needs of each individual. This multifaceted approach to teaching has enriched Stephanie's instructional repertoire, enabling her to deliver engaging and impactful lessons both in and out of the shooting range.

Driven by her passion for empowering others, Stephanie found fulfillment in guiding individuals towards self-improvement, and fostering a culture of responsibility and accountability among firearm enthusiasts, emphasizing the importance of ongoing training and adherence to best practices.